The end of restrictions in France… except in the Landes. The department most affected in France by the covid maintains the last confinement restrictions at least until July 6, announced on June 30 the prefect Cécile Bigot-Dekeyzer.

The Landes will therefore remain “in phase 3”, which implies in particular the maintenance of maximum gauges in closed spaces.

Limited gauges and gatherings

Concretely, detailed the prefect, while the gauges are removed in the rest of the country on June 30, the department of Landes:

  • always limit gatherings to 10 people on public roads,
  • maintains gauges at 65% in cinemas and theaters,
  • maintains the gauges at 50% in the interior of restaurants and casinos,
  • keep the limit set at 4m2 per person in stores.

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45% Delta variant

Main responsible for this postponement of total deconfinement: the Delta variant, the proportion of which is “noticeably stronger“than elsewhere and which has been responsible for several weeks for a local increase in the covid epidemic.

According to Didier Couteaud, departmental delegate of the Regional Health Agency, the percentage “recognized“of this variant is currently around 45%. He also announced the presence of seven clusters in the department, five in companies and two in nursing homes.

Continue vaccination

“The health situation is stabilized but very atypical“compared to the rest of the country, with”an incidence rate that fluctuates around 50 (cases per 100,000 people), the alert threshold“, detailed the prefect, explaining that”the Landes department has been little impacted by the covid so far“, and therefore”weak collective immunity“.

Cécile Bigot-Dekeyzer finally insisted on the importance of vaccination, even if the vaccination rate of the department is 58%, “one of the highest in France but it is necessary for it to progress further“.