It was a tradition, a must for the month of September, and a real organizational headache: the certificate of no contraindication to a sport is no longer compulsory! Instead of the compulsory medical consultation, a general health questionnaire, to be completed by the child with parental supervision.

No more doctor’s appointments for each child wanting to practice a sport! This measure, which is part of the law to accelerate and simplify public action, should simplify daily life and avoid expenses for many families. Enough to allow easier access to sports for all.

Exception for sports with “particular constraints”

This disappearance of the medical certificate of aptitude for sports practice nevertheless includes some exceptions. Depending on the responses to the questionnaire completed by the child and his family, an additional medical examination may be requested.

The questions, about 30 in all, cover both physical and mental health of the child, ranging from “Did you have a lot of trouble breathing after an effort?” at “Are you feeling sad or worried?”

Other exceptions: the practice of certain sports “with particular constraints” will remain conditional on obtaining a medical certificate. This is the case, for example, for contact sports, such as rugby, combat sports that can result in a knockout (martial arts, boxing, etc.), diving, or even sports requiring the handling of a firearm or compressed air.

The list of sports concerned is to be found on the website of the Ministry of Sports.

Promote sport at the expense of health?

By abolishing the medical certificate of fitness for sport, the objective is to simplify the daily life of families, to limit administrative paperwork for sports clubs and to free up time for doctors. But some are worried about its removal: according to them this compulsory medical examination was sometimes the only opportunity for children to see a doctor.