More than 5,900 Covid patients in intensive care and soon 100,000 deaths in France. The figures published on April 12 by Public Health France (SPF) continue to climb.

In 24 hours, the health agency recorded 385 additional deaths of Covid-19 patients, bringing the total since the start of the epidemic to 99,163. Regarding contamination, SPF reports 8,536 positive cases in 24 hours and a test positivity rate of 8.8%.

More and more tension in the hospital

The total number of people hospitalized with a Covid-19 diagnosis reached 31,262, very close to the peaks of the first and second epidemic waves in the fall.

The number of patients in intensive care has risen to 5,916 according to the SPF database. This indicator had not been so high since April 17, 2020. It should increase further in the coming days, even if the government hopes to contain it below the peak of the first wave (7,000 patients in real on April 7 and 8. 2020).

At present, the capacity of resuscitation services in French hospitals has been increased to 8,000 beds, all pathologies combined.

11 million vaccinated

After a “record” day of some 510,000 vaccine injections on April 9 in France, followed by a drop in speed over the weekend, more than 334,000 injections were counted on April 12.

Since the start of the vaccination campaign, more than 11 million people have received one injection (21% of the major population), of which 3.8 million have been vaccinated with two injections (7.3% of the major population).