On January 27, the government announced to the defense council that the 6 p.m. curfew is not enough to curb the epidemic. The ministers are therefore considering an alternative to contain the contaminations, and since the question of a third confinement arises on social networks.

The hashtag #JeNeMeConfineraiPas has been found in more than 20,500 posts since January 10, when this account first used it:

His Twitter description describes him as the editorial manager of Baslesmasques.com, an anti-masks and anti-confinement site.

Many Internet users behind this hashtag evoke the economic and psychological difficulties that a third confinement would cause.

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“An ethical question”

Interviewed by AFP on January 28, Jean-François Delfraissy affirmed that the scientific council faces “an almost ethical question of generational policy, between continuing to preserve the health of the oldest, but perhaps to the detriment of health of the youngest. ”According to him, we must take the time“ to intelligently construct the least bad response ”.

Young people have in fact been severely affected by the containment and restrictions linked to the pandemic. In particular, the students.

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#I will confine

Yet despite the implications of a third lockdown, internet users responded to the first hashtag with the #JeMeConfinerai, which won national trends on January 28.

In favor of a third confinement, Internet users evoke a victory against the virus and the protection of their loved ones.

This disagreement has also spread to the institutions. In a tweet, the President of the Senate Gérard Larcher specified that parliamentarians wanted to debate every month the issue of reconfinement, “an attack on freedoms”.