Posted on Monday, October 7, 2019

In 2019 the CNMSS and the Army Health Service conducted the New Generation Survey (ENG) to better understand the state of health of soldiers and their families and better assess their need for prevention. The presentation of the results of this major consultation will be the high point of the conference. CNMSSSSA which will take place on November 20 at Balard in Paris

How do active members, families and military retirees see their state of health?

The results of the ENG presented on November 20 in Paris will allow, among other things, to better answer this question.

Around several round tables, and in the presence of the Secretary of State to the Minister of the Armed Forces, the various salient subjects that this major investigation carried out by the Minister made it possible to bring out will be presented.

ENG: introduction by Florence Parly, Minister of the Armed Forces

“The health of our soldiers is at the heart of the operational efficiency of our armies. The precise knowledge of the state and of the health practices of the soldiers but also of their families is the condition of a quality medical support.

For this reason, and ten years after the major epidemiological investigation which made it possible to implement targeted prevention plans on post-traumatic mental disorders, accidents related to physical preparation and risks related to alcohol and driving addictive in the armed forces, I wanted in 2019, the national military social security fund (CNMSS) and the army health service (SSA) are jointly carrying out a new generation survey (ENG) in order to draw up a new inventory of the health of the defense community in order to initiate appropriate prevention actions.

This survey was carried out in four parts. The first three correspond to active members of the armed forces and common services, their families and military retirees. The fourth part is aimed at health professionals from the Armed Forces Health Service. Organized as part of the 70th anniversary of the CNMSS, I can only welcome the conference which will present the results of this epidemiological investigation. The round tables will thus aim to identify the main health problems with which our soldiers are confronted and adapt the methods of medical care.
and social as close as possible to identified needs.

Having the information necessary for the orientation of the defense health strategy and implementing health prevention plans for the benefit of the military community is a ministerial issue for which I know I can count on the personal involvement of everyone. between you.”

Florence PARLY – Minister of the Armed Forces