A “uncontrolled resumption of the epidemic“of covid-19 in January is”likely“, judge in his last opinion on scientific Council that guides the government. At issue: a “increased contamination“caused by the end of year celebrations”suitable for family and friends gatherings“, warn specialists.

Such an increase could provoke “within a few weeks an uncontrolled resumption of the epidemic, a sharp increase in hospitalizations, placements in intensive care and deaths“, advances the scientific council.

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Immediate local containment

In this opinion given to the government on December 23 but made public only on the evening of the 29th, the authority therefore proposes “three options” in response “at this possible risk, but not certain“.

First option, immediate action, “from December 28” : a “strict containment“, but only in the most affected regions or cities,”while leaving the possibility of return to the holidaymakers who are there“. She was dismissed.

Restrictions in early January

Second option, a response “deferred“at the beginning of January, and”adapted to the increase in contamination occurring at the end of the year“.

This option aims to react after the fact, but quickly, by slowing the circulation of the virus in early January.“, according to the scientific council. It goes through the”limitation of social or economic activities that may promote contamination by relying on scientific data from various surveys on places of contamination to better target restrictive measures“.

Or later increased measures

Third and last option, “a later response“, based in particular on the number of new hospitalizations, and including”increased restriction measures, up to prolonged confinement“.

However, the scientific council puts a big drawback on this third option, which “presents the risk of intervening too late and then leading to more severe, longer and / or restrictive measures than those entering into force earlier“.

For the time being, the defense council which met on the morning of December 29 has taken the decision to introduce a curfew from 6 p.m. – instead of 8 p.m. – from January 2 in 20 departments of the ‘East of France, half of the country most affected by a rebound in the epidemic. “We do not want to confine at this stage: neither generalized containment, nor local containment “, revealed the Minister of Health Olivier Véran invited to the News from France 2 December 29.