After months of closure of sports halls, “the barrier mask is now available”, announced the Minister of Sports, Roxana Maracineanu, during a hearing on May 6 before the Committee for Cultural Affairs of the Assembly. But “the recovery is not conditioned by the wearing of the mask,” she said.

“It will not be a constraint to reopen but a desired protection,” she added. She was questioned several times by deputies, and spoke of “masks used if people wish”.

An Afnor standard was developed for masks intended for sports practice a few weeks ago, and several manufacturers have launched the manufacture of these masks.

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Reopening of sports halls and swimming pools

According to the deconfinement schedule, sports halls will be able to reopen on June 9, after months of closure.

Asked about the date of reopening of the indoor swimming pools, Roxana Maracineanu indicated May 19 for minors and June 9 for adults, knowing that in the school context, classes resumed on May 3.

Sporting events with the public

The Minister recalled from May 19 the rule of a 35% gauge within the limit of 1,000 spectators in sports arenas, then from June 9 a 65% gauge with a ceiling of 5,000. She said there were “ongoing discussions” for some events, including curfew waivers.

Indeed, the organizers of the Roland-Garros tournament, which this year are planning evening matches and wishing to receive more than 1,000 people, have made requests which are currently being examined by the executive.

On “mass sporting events”, “leisure”, “all public”, Ms. Maracineanu mentioned thresholds of “50 to 100 people in May”, then “1,000 people in June” and “beyond around the month of July and August”. Finally, the dance, and in particular the couple dance, will resume for adults on June 30, announced the Minister.