Posted on Tuesday May 29, 2018

THIRD-PARTY FLOWS, the software that facilitates the management of electronically transmitted flows and guarantees rapid and reliable information on your reimbursements, will be extended by the CNMSS to medical transporters from June 11, 2018.

THIRD-PARTY FLOWS, for faster, clearer and more efficient information

The Cnmss suggests that you use your email address to optimize the transmission of information related to flows.

You will receive an email in addition to the feedback NOEMIE with an individualized explanation to help you deal with rejected invoices without delay.

The use of e-mail allows the sending by e-mail of information from files rejected or recycled by the CNMSS the day after scheduling.

The e-mail summarizes the batches of invoices processed and specifies the invoices signaled or rejected by the computer system.
The ergonomics of the message help you deal with rejected invoices with clear and precise instructions with an individualized explanation of the nature of the anomalies.

More efficient
The e-mail sent by FLUX TIERS allows you to immediately process anomalies, correct any errors observed and improve the quality of your files.

To benefit from these advantages, provide your specific “THIRD FLUX” e-mail address

– by email, to the address “[email protected]

– directly online on the CNMSS website

In practice, what changes in the sending of paper supporting documents

You keep the supporting documents until you receive the processing instructions by email or mail.

  • In case of rejection, the paper documents should not be sent to the CNMSS. They may possibly be re-sent with a new batch and invoice number.
  • Without information from the CNMSS within 5 days of the transmission of your flow, you must send the supporting documents for invoices without anomalies.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact the customer advisers of the CNMSS listening to health professionals at 04 94 16 97 01.