• Sea girls
    Mary Lynn Bracht and Sarah Tardy
    Ed. Robert Laffont, February 2018

On Jeju Island, in southern Korea, Hana and her little sister Emi belong to the Haenyeo community, in which women support their families by snorkeling. One day, while Hana is at sea, she sees a Japanese soldier on the beach heading towards Emi. The two girls have been repeatedly told never to be alone with a soldier. Fearing for her sister, Hana reaches shore as fast as she can and lets herself be kidnapped in her place. She then becomes, like thousands of other Korean women, a comfort woman in Manchuria.
Thus begins the story of two violently separated sisters. Alternating between Hana’s story in 1943 and Emi’s in 2011, “Daughters of the Sea” is read to the rhythm of the waves and reveals a dark and overwhelming part of the history of the Second World War in Asia. Throughout the story, by the grace of their unfailing bonds, the two heroines bring us back to the light, where hope triumphs over the horrors of war.

  • Pachinko
    Min Jin Lee and Laura Bourgeois
    Ed. Charleston, January 2021

At the start of the 1920s, in a small Korean village, the young Sunja was seduced by a wealthy foreigner. When she becomes pregnant and learns that her lover is already married in Japan, she refuses the solution he offers her: to become his Korean wife. This refusal is the starting point of an exile which will extend over four generations. To avoid ruin and dishonor to her family, Sunja marries Isak, a Christian pastor she barely knows and who offers her a new life in Japan. Spanning eight decades and four generations, discover the epic tale of a family rejected by two countries, grappling with history and shaken by questions of identity, love, death and survival.

  • The black notebooks of the alienist, Volume 3: And at the hour of your death
    Jacques Cote
    Ed. Label Poche, October 2018

1894. Five years have passed since Georges Villeneuve’s internship in Paris. Having become a medical expert at the Montreal morgue, he now campaigns to have the importance of his favorite discipline in Quebec recognized: forensic medicine. When confronted with a series of clandestine abortions that go wrong, Villeneuve must face the carelessness of police officers in terms of analytical methods as well as increasing media pressure, without neglecting his responsibility. alienist in relation to people with mental illness. A captivating and fascinating novel about an important character but too little known in the history of Quebec.

  • The Fabulous Adventures of Nellie Bly
    Nellie Bly and Helene Cohen
    Ed. Points, November 2019

A six-month trip alone with her mother to Mexico in 1886;
Voluntary internment in an insane asylum in New York a year later;
In 1889, a crossing of the world in 72 days to challenge Jules Verne;
And in September 1914, on the front lines of the First World War which began …
It did not take more for Nellie Bly to become one of the most astonishing, daring, sparkling, feminist and free figures of journalism and a condition in the making.

  • A city over time
    Steve Noon, Anne Millard
    Ed. Gallimard Jeunesse, February 2021

You will witness the extraordinary transformation of a simple hunter-gatherer camp in the Paleolithic, 12,000 years ago. Century after century, it has become the modern city you know today. You will see that many evils have come to upset the course of its existence: invasions, wars, epidemics … Each time, the city has recovered and resumed its expansion thanks to the dynamism of its inhabitants. Nothing is frozen! The story continues: the final image will reveal the metropolis of tomorrow! Seek and find in each large image, Jean-Marc Héologues, the museum’s curator who travels through time!

  • China over time
    Collective, Du Fei
    Ed. Gallimard Jeunesse, February 2021

Begun 2,500 years ago, the Grand Canal mobilized thousands of workers. Its course extends over 1794 km! It departs from Hangzhou in the south and reaches Beijing, the capital, in the north. As you navigate, discover fabulous cities such as Tongzhou, the most active port, Tianjin, touristy and modern, or Huaiyin, with prodigious dikes. Stunning panoramic images illustrate the history of the giant canal. Wars, floods, famines but also festivals and shows as well as an extraordinary commercial activity constantly animate its quays and its waves. Seek and find Liua, the traveling cat, who points his whiskers in every large image in this book and has been with you down the centuries!

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