Posted on Friday May 15, 2020

In the context of a state of health emergency established for 2 months from March 24 and extended until July 10, 2020, urgent requests to medical services continue to be processed without interruption.
The CMNSS is organized to process the files received, by e-mail, mail or via teleservices, and ensure the continuity of the service.

Preferably send your requests by tele-service or email via the “I contact the CNMSS

For faster processing, send your requests by tele-service (PSE ….) or by email via the “ I contact the CNMSS by email accompanied by attached medical documents.

Urgent requests for cash benefits (Daily sickness, maternity, disability, death benefit), are only reserved for former soldiers in maintenance of rights to CNMSS and must be sent by email:

To address your urgent requests to the medical services of the CNMSS, here is the link to the contacts section:

“I contact the CNMSS BY EMAIL”