TV show “France has an unbelievable talent” Valentin Reinehr revealed to the general public. His passage made more than 20 million views on social networks.

Since then, he has been refining his show in which he tells about his life, his journey, the humiliations and the dream he pursues at all costs, a place in the 7th art: “I wasn’t born a stutterer … It’s like a jerk and racist, you become it. The worst part of it all is the people who finish my sentence. Please stop … When you see a dwarf walking in the street, you don’t put him in a stroller … ”

A difficult story

Stutterers are said to be shy and introverted, yet Valentin’s dream is to perform. He does not play, he tells about his life, that of a resilient person.
Its story resembles a long-distance race. At 3 years old, he stutters after seeing his lover drown in front of his eyes.

At 15, it was the blow of a hammer: his mother died of a ruptured aneurysm. A long depression then begins, with suicide attempts and bulimia that develops: “When you are 20 years old, when you stutter and you no longer have a maternal reference point, you no longer have an identity, you get lost. The cinema has helped me to forget my misfortunes. dare to say that sometimes my life is a bit of a movie ” he admits.

A decisive meeting

Valentin imagines himself at the top of the bill, and as in fictions, a meeting will turn everything upside down. David is a show producer, he spotted Valentin when he appeared on television.

He immediately takes it to his stable: “I saw an exceptional artist, he explains. I wanted to meet him. I wanted to talk to him, because very quickly we will understand that someone like him, we must not let him pass “.

David called in showbiz professionals. Valentin bares himself, smirk and mischievous glance, on stage, he proves to the entertainment world that he too has his place.

To land a role in the cinema, Valentin would not want for anything in the world to erase his language disorder. For him, as he says, life stutters.