Posted on Sunday, June 1, 2014

The CNMSS offers you the possibility from its website to settle a debt directly online, using your bank card.

Many healthcare professionals are interested in this service since to date, we have 1,407 connections.
Thanks to new computer security technologies, payment is completely secure and you will receive your payment receipt directly by e-mail.

No more postage for mail. Save time, it’s free!

How it works ?

I received a letter asking me to pay an amount, I can pay it directly online. I go to the following internet address: with my mail and my bank card, then I click on “I am a health professional” under “in 1 click” and on “I pay online”. I then just have to fill out the form.
You will not be asked to register or create an account.

Who to contact in case of difficulty?

I call her CNMSS at : 04 94 16 36 00.