At the start of this pandemic, no one was interested in the question of the impact on sexual functions, which makes sense in the face of a potentially serious and fatal disease. For 3 to 4 months, scientific studies have shown that infection with coronavirus, mild or severe, can give sexual complications and in particular prolonged libido disorders and erectile dysfunction.

Decreased libido

The psychological origin was the very first hypothesis raised.

For example, although this virus is not a sexually transmitted infection, intercourse is a good time for its transmission. It is difficult to respect barrier gestures during a “face-to-face” sex!

In some people, the fear of being infected or transmitting the virus sets in (whether in couples or singles during dating), and this can be enough to disrupt sexual pleasure.

The ambient anxiety that everyone has been living in for months, changes in the pace of life and other such factors play a role as well. All this does not put the sex life in the best psychological conditions.

What is new are recent studies that suggest physiological complications that can disrupt proper sexual functioning after infection with the coronavirus.

Altered sexual mechanics

  • The virus can damage the lining of the arteries and cause endothelial dysfunction. This problem can affect peripheral blood microcirculation such as the hands and feet (dermatologists warned a few months ago that skin signs related to poor blood circulation could be due to the coronavirus).
  • It can also affect the arteries in the genital area. But it takes very good blood circulation to have correct erections.
  • This coronavirus can leave an inflammatory state in the body for a long time. Any prolonged inflammation can disrupt the pituitary gland, which is the gland located under the brain that manages the hormonal system, and in particular this can lead to a drop in testosterone, which is the main male and female sex hormone. .
  • Some people can suffer from what is called the “post-covid syndrome” with a big fatigue which can remain a long time which is naturally unfavorable to the libido and the pleasure.

In a person who suffers from erectile dysfunction or decreased libido after infection with Sars Cov-2, it is necessary to think about possible sexual physiological sequelae. Do not hesitate, for example, to prescribe erectile medication to restore good blood circulation to the genitals.

Erectile drugs

There is no contraindication to using these drugs in a man who has just had a coronavirus infection, provided that the usual contraindications are respected. Some experts believe erectile drugs may even be helpful against COVID!
It sounds like a joke but it is a scientifically valid hypothesis which has just been published in a major international medical journal.

These erection drugs, and in particular sildenafil and tadalafil, promote the opening of the arteries in the lung and could thus help to avoid in some cases a state of respiratory distress such as that caused by Covid.

Sildenafil and tadalafil have had official authorization, Marketing Authorization, for more than ten years in a serious cardiopulmonary disease called Hyper Pulmonary Arterial Tension. Resuscitators have already been using these two molecules for many years. So it made sense to think about them and test them among the possible tips to help patients with severe form of COVID.

Generalize this treatment?

So this is very good news for those who take these drugs but it is not the recommendation. On the other hand, these possible sexual complications of covid could be an additional motivation to protect themselves from it.

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