Every month, the same ordeal … Often painful, very profuse – periods cripple millions of women. What if they were entitled to an extra paid day off?

A company has taken the plunge. These employees are the very first in France to benefit from a menstrual leave offered by their company. A day of rest acclaimed by these women who work standing up and outside all day.

“We are standing, mobile … when we have rules days and we are bent in half and we force ourselves to work, we see that there is not necessarily a very high productivity” explains Seyta Guillemin.

For these women who work in the streets, the menstrual period is also difficult, because finding a clean toilet is a challenge.

68% of women in favor

According to a survey, 68% of women say they are in favor of instituting menstrual leave, but the idea is debated. Feminist associations fear a new source of discrimination in hiring.

For many gynecologists, the menstrual leave does not solve anything, in case of pain it is necessary to consult! “Painful periods are not inevitable, we must not resign ourselves, we must not accept it, we must consult, we must talk to your doctor, to your gynecologist. In the overwhelming majority of cases there is a solution ” details the gynecologist Dr Alain Tamborini.

Other countries have already introduced menstrual leave, such as Japan, over 70 years ago, but in practice, less than 1% of Japanese women dare to take it.