To curb the epidemic, the Minister of Health announced the arrival of self-tests in pharmacies on April 12. But will you really be able to buy this new screening tool on this day? The response from our journalist Geraldine Zamansky.

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Self-tests: will they be available in pharmacies from April 12?

For the Order of Pharmacists, it is impossible to offer self-tests next Monday in all pharmacies, because not all producers are able to make deliveries on time.

With an additional difficulty: the question of the price, still pending. The indicative price given by the manufacturers would be 5 euros, but sold in sets of 5, with the remuneration of the pharmacist, this amounts to around thirty euros per box. Which is not accessible to all budgets.

This price could be the subject of a control, or even a reimbursement, the question was not definitively decided according to the press service of the Directorate General of Health.

Self-test, a simple principle

The idea of ​​the self-test is that this time it’s us who can fend for ourselves. Place the swab, the “cotton swab” in the nostrils, about 3-4 cm deep and turn a little. It is then immersed in a liquid which will give the diagnosis by depositing it on a small special strip after a few minutes.

The High Authority of Health validated the interest of these tests on March 16. She believes that their performance is close to antigenic tests performed with a deeper so-called nasopharyngeal sample. That is, a sensitivity of 80 to 95% in symptomatic people and 50 to 60% in asymptomatic people. They would be usable from 15 years old.