Posted on Thursday, September 19, 2019

In France, nearly a million people have the disease and 225,000 new cases are diagnosed each year. This disease is a major public health issue due to the number of people affected and the repercussion on the caring entourage.

For several years, the CNMSS invests in its healthcare establishments to make it possible to provide additional beds for its citizens suffering from neurodegenerative diseases.

Discovered in 1906 by the German neurologist Aloïs Alzheimer, this degenerative condition of the brain causes a gradual and permanent deterioration of nerve cells, causing dementia. The disease weighs heavily on the daily lives of patients. The degradation of memory, reasoning, behavior and the ability to carry out daily activities (problems with orientation, comprehension, language, judgment, etc.) causes a loss of autonomy and the risks associated with these disorders psychological.

Alzheimer’s disease appears more often in older people, but it should not be considered a normal consequence of aging. So-called cognitive disorders worsen over time, but the rate of progression of the disease is not the same in all affected people.

The first warning signs

It can be: a loss of the notion of time, a disorientation in space, frequent changes of mood, forgetfulness of recent events, sleep disturbances, language difficulties and recognition of its environment. Talk to your doctor.


As part of its collective health and social action policy, the CNMSS owns three follow-up and long-term care (SSR) establishments located in Ploemeur (Morbihan), Fréjus (Var) and on the Saclay plateau, whose maintenance it finances while their management is entrusted to the Association Jean Lachenaud.

For several years, the CNMSS invests with the aim of making additional beds available for patients with Alzheimer’s and related diseases.

The “Jean Lachenaud” establishment offers 80 SSR beds and 68 beds in EHPAD, including 28 beds made available to patients with neurodegenerative diseases since October 2017.

The “La Martinière” establishment in Saclay has just inaugurated a real estate extension providing 50 new beds in nursing homes, including 28 beds for patients with Alzheimer’s and related diseases.

These units innovate by offering accommodation, care and social and therapeutic activities in a single secure place for the benefit of elderly people with loss of autonomy, suffering from cognitive disorders.