This surgical feat took place in France. About fifty Lyon caregivers were mobilized for nearly fifteen hours.

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World premiere – An Icelandic man grafted with both arms by a Lyon team

Felix Gretarsson’s life changed on January 13, thanks to the medical teams of the Hospices Civils de Lyon. At 48, he is the first man in the world to have had a two-arm transplant and a left shoulder reconstruction. This former electrician has been waiting for this intervention for 23 years, after losing his hands and arms while handling a high voltage line.

The feat: reconstruction of the shoulder

The reconstruction of the shoulder is also the feat of this intervention. It was repeated ten times before D-Day. “We took tendons from the donor’s leg and therefore we did a suspension. We reconstructed what allows a shoulder to be suspended from the scapula by reconstructing ligaments by reinserting tendons and muscles to that it is stabilized “ explains Dr. Aram Grazarian, one of the surgeons who participated in this procedure.

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Felix will not regain all his mobility despite this medical feat. “We cannot hope that the hand will work, in any case we can not surely promise it. We can hope to obtain a flexion of the elbow against gravity on the right. We are not sure to have elbow mobility on the side. left” explains Doctor Aram. To put all the chances on his side, the work of rehabilitation will have to be daily. In any case, Felix Gretarsson will not leave the hospital for at least three months.

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