Posted on Friday 25 October 2013

The billing media for care covered by article L.115 are evolving.

Three billing media are now at your disposal for the payment of the care that you prescribe or provide to the beneficiaries of article L.115 of the CPMIVG, in relation to the disabled pensioners appearing on their description sheet (FDI).

  • The free medical care booklet that you know.
  • The care sheet health insurance adapted billing for care in relation to Article L.115.
  • Teletransmission (electronic care sheet), via the network SESAM-Vitale.

To avoid any risk of double payment and restitution of undue payments, you must not send to the CNMSS/DSMG only one billing (no double sending, for example, of a health insurance care sheet and a free care record sheet).
If you send a new bill (or copy) for the same care, affix the words “DUPLICATE”.