“Not moral”, these are the terms with which Louis Fouché, an anti-vaccine activist, described Voluntary Pregnancy Interruption (IVG) during a live of more than three and a half hours on the activist’s youtube channel. -vaccine Hayssam Hoballah and in the company of journalist and essayist Jean Robin.

This live took place on March 6, 2021 but it was two months later that it triggered a wave of reactions on Twitter. A user cuts it into several two-minute sections to post it on May 19. Three of these sections, which explode the words of Louis Fouché on abortion, then provoke very many reactions.

Founder of the Reinfo Covid site, Louis Fouché is a resuscitator still stationed in Marseille. He made himself known at the start of the Covid epidemic for his positions: according to him, RNA vaccines do not work and could even make infertile. These theories are not based on any scientific study.

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Launching a hashtag

The first tweet that uses the #Let usLUterus, it’s this one: a woman recounts her abortion which took place in the summer of 2001 (and not 2021, as she rectifies in another tweet).

At the beginning and the end of her testimony, this woman now in her forties uses the hashtag to encourage her to continue fighting “against the obscurantists who claim to […] to know better than us what is good for us ”.

A shower of testimonies

After her very popular thread, many other women also tell their story.

Right to dispose of one’s body

All these testimonies share the same objective: to show that the right to abortion is a necessity.

If many women feed this hashtag, they are also supported by men who share it so that it gains visibility.

In France, the HAS perpetuated in April the extension of the period for the medical abortion set up during the first confinement. It is therefore possible to proceed with a medical abortion up to 9 weeks of amenorrhea.