A Covid-19 vaccination center near Toulouse was vandalized on the night of Monday to Tuesday, we learned from corroborating sources. According to our colleagues from France Bleu Occitanie, the criminals forced open two doors, overturned tables and computers, but also destroyed 500 vials of vaccines. The vaccines were taken out of the refrigerator, rendering them unusable.

Since each vial contains seven doses, 3,500 doses of vaccine are wasted.

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A complaint has been filed

No registration or claim was observed on the spot, told AFP the mayor of Saint-Orens-de-Gameville, Dominique Faure.

A complaint was lodged by the town hall of the town and the investigation is entrusted to the research section of the Toulouse gendarmerie and the Villefranche-de-Lauragais research brigade, the Toulouse prosecutor’s office told AFP. .

The vaccination center should resume its activities “before the end of the week“, hopes Ms. Faure.

Strengthen the “surveillance” of the centers

Gerald Darmanin “strongly condemns“these degradations, the Interior Ministry told AFP.

On August 11, Mr. Darmanin had already called on the prefects to strengthen the “surveillance“vaccination centers and pharmacies, targets of repeated malicious acts in the midst of protest against the generalization of the health pass.

Two other centers vandalized in recent months

Several tens of thousands of people have been demonstrating every Saturday for the past five weeks against what they consider to be a “health dictatorship“.

At the beginning of August, the premises of the Order of Nurses in Toulouse had been vandalized, in particular with anti-health pass tags. In July, an arson destroyed a tent hosting a vaccination center in Urrugne (Pyrénées-Atlantiques) and another had been vandalized in Lans-en-Vercors (Isère), with anti-vaccine inscriptions tagged on the building.