From the operating theater to the highest peak in the world, it has only been a short step for Hélène Drouin. A step that she took on May 11 by realizing the sporting challenge that she had launched several months ago: to succeed in the ascent of Everest. By completing her ascent from the top of the world, she becomes the youngest Frenchwoman to achieve this performance.

A sporting feat that the young woman documents on her account Instagram helene_sur_leverest.

The young woman left on the evening of May 10 in the evening of camp number 4 (8000m altitude), accompanied by a local guide. It then took him 13 hours and 30 minutes of ascent to reach the top of the world, at an altitude of 8,849 m.

An adventure in favor of medical research

However, the mountaineer does not forget his primary vocation: medicine. Part of the funds collected from sponsors, as well as individual donations, will be donated to an INSERM virology research laboratory. “It is a double project. There is the climb I made last week, and now the goal is to raise as much money as possible for hepatitis B medical research “, explains Hélène, who is now going down to the base camp (5,300 m).

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Our teams had met Hélène Drouin, in January 2021, during her physical preparation. A report to find on our Youtube channel.