This investigation, entrusted on November 25 to the brigade for the repression of crime against the person (BRDP), follows the complaint for moral harassment against X filed on June 30 at the police station of Asnières-sur-Seine by the widow of the ‘Anesthesiologist Resuscitator. The latter was found dead on February 16 in his car in the forest of Montmorency (Val-d’Oise).

“My client is wondering, she has no specific information, we are at the very beginning of the investigation,” said her lawyer, Me Benjamin Bohbot. “This gesture, she cannot explain it to herself, there was no reason in her husband’s personality.”

“She asks herself the question of whether it is not excessive pressure in her professional environment that has led her to do this,” he told AFP. “She is not at all in a perspective of wanting to find the culprits, she is in a logic of understanding what happened.”

The doctor’s widow also reported to France Info exchanges with her husband, just before the tragedy: “In one of our last conversations, he said to me: + I can’t take all this pressure anymore. I want to leave this hospital. I’m fed up with it. I’m on duty and we talk about all this calmly on vacation “

But “the next day, he never joined us”.

According to France Info, an internal report commissioned following the doctor’s suicide highlighted management dysfunctions within the anesthesia-intensive care unit.

Contacted, the American hospital in Neuilly did not respond to AFP’s requests.

Founded in 1906, this establishment located to the west of Paris has acquired over the years a strong reputation by welcoming stars, heads of state and foreign dignitaries, from Jacques Chirac to Michel Polnareff via Johnny Hallyday.

In 2018, the establishment had 324 accredited doctors and surgeons, 825 employees in the medical and logistics sectors, for a capacity of 145 beds. Its patients were 32% from abroad, according to the latest figures published by the establishment.