25,379 people tested positive for Covid on January 6. Between the gatherings at the end of 2020 and the English variant of the coronavirus from which 22 people were affected in France, the president of the scientific council Jean-François Delfraissy expressed his concerns during an interview on France 2 on Wednesday 6 January.

In fact, the indicators of the epidemic remain very worrying, as our map shows:

In addition, “We should probably be worried about the British variant,” said Professor Jean-François Delfraissy. According to the professor, France is in the same situation as the United Kingdom when the variant appeared. “We will not avoid it, but it must be delayed to vaccinate in the meantime,” he also explained.

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A third confinement?

According to Professor Delfraissy, the epidemic is less serious in France than in the United Kingdom and Germany. But that could not last: “We arrive at figures which are worrying” in terms of contaminations, hospitalizations and percentage of infected elderly.

So a third confinement could be considered. “In the middle of next week, it may be the time to discuss heavier measures to prevent a spread of the epidemic,” the president said. However, the vaccines should make it possible to return to a normal situation “in September”.

This January 7, the Prime Minister and the Minister of Health Olivier Véran hold a press conference at 6 p.m. They will defend the government’s vaccination strategy and present the government’s measures for the rest of the epidemic, particularly with regard to the curfew and the opening of closed places open to the public.