Sexual violence, incest, trauma suffered in childhood … are at the origin of consequences on both physical and psychological health. For some victims, medical follow-up is necessary to be able to cope. This care can be covered 100% by the Health Insurance.

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Incest victim: 100% care

It is a little-known provision and yet essential to protect minors who are victims of sexual violence. Since the law of June 17, 1998, the Health Insurance covers 100% care under the ALD, Long-Term Affection.

Who can benefit from 100% coverage?

All victims of incest and sexual violence during their childhood are concerned.

There is no limitation period, whether minor or major at the time of treatment, victims are entitled to it. It is also not necessary that the case has been judged, or even to have filed a complaint.

What care is covered?

All trauma-related care, whether physical or psychological, is covered.

Many victims suffer from depression, addiction, chronic pain, they can engage in risky behavior or even eating disorders.

How to get this support?

The attending physician assesses the patient’s state of health and draws up a treatment protocol for 100% coverage, for “care of minors who are victims of sexual abuse”.

Reimbursements only concern acts covered by the Health Insurance.

Victims sometimes find it difficult to access this help, which remains unknown to many professionals and even many national health insurance funds.

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